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Manado Tua Marine Park are separated from the mainland by a submarine trench that is up to 1,200 metres in some areas. Coral reefs can start from 3 metres all the way down to the sea floor over a thousand metres below.

Coral coverage is superb with vibrantly coloured soft corals and seafans. The wall is full of moray eels including giant moray, white eyed moray and the less common white mouthed moray. Lionfish and scorpionfish lurk around barrel sponges. Pufferfish hide in coral crevices. Manado Tua dive sites are also full of wonderful macro life including harlequin shrimps, ribbon eels and all manner of nudibranchs.


One of the top diving sites in Indonesia, Bunaken Island (Pulau Bunaken) is unsurprisingly very popular with divers around the world.

It has an amazing diverse marine life such as 70 different corals, five species of sea turtles, many fish species and even white tip and black tip reef sharks, the almost extinct dugongs, barracuda and even saltwater crocodiles


If Bunaken Island is famous for its underwater beauty, Siladen Island is known for its white-sand beach surrounded by tropical plants such as palm, coconut and sago palm trees.

The area is particularly famous for the extraordinary mimic octopus that changes its forms to protect itself from predators. For those wanting to explore the reef for the first time there are also opportunities to snorkel just off the beach, with crystal blue water, which is perfect for exploring.

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