Odydive Facilities


Located in Jalan Tebet Timur Raya No. 2, South Jakarta.


This room can accomodate 4-6 persons. Located in the center of the dive center, equiped by 1 Big LED TV, 6 comfy chairs, hommy sofa and air condition.


This class can accomodate 2-3 persons and suitable for private class or a couple, also equiped by 1 Medium LED TV, 2-3 chairs and air condition.


We have our private pool 9m x 5m x 3m. Beside we use this pool for our students, also you can rent this pool for your students (if you are a freelance PADI dive instructors) or you can rent it for pre-wedding underwater photo shoots, or else
(*). Please contact us for details.
(*) terms and conditions applied


We have our dive shops that selling a good brand of dive equipments. We have Mares, Gull and Aqualung product that can suit your need for diving. This shop not only serve for offline but also you can shop online. Please check our shop